Getting Crafty

Summer is finally on it’s way to a town near you! I can’t wait to feel the heat of the sun on my skin and spend some quality time outside, after all, isn’t that what summer is all about? Summer is also a time where wearing homemade clothing is more prominant. Peolpe tye-dye shirts or make cut off shorts to wear in the summer months. I enjoy making things so I’ve decided to make a shirt for the summer. Some of you have already seen the type of shirt I’m about to make, but for those of you that haven’t I will be happy to be the one who introduces it to you. I have never made one of these shirts before so I’m no expert (I don’t even know what these shirts are called. I think I’ll call it the Fringe T-Shirt.) but I’m sure there are many different ways to do it. This is just my version so follow along if you please. If it makes you feel any better, my shirt turned out pretty darn good.

Materials you will need:

  • t-shirt (any color)
  • fabric scissors
  • pony beads (any color)

How to Make It:

#1 Cut the neck of your shirt to your desired shape. This step is optional. You may leave your shirt the way it is. My shirt is black and I cut it so it has a scoop neckline.

#2 Shorten the sleeves. This step is optional as well. I left mine alone.

#3 Cut vertical strips that are one centimeter in width all the way around the bottom of your shirt at one length.  When all strips are cut, cut off the bottom hem of the shirt. (I left the hem on until after the strips were cut because it made it easier to keep my strips the same width) You can make these strips as long or as short as you want. Make sure you make your strips a little longer than you want so you can tie knots later. My strips are about 5 inches long and start just under my bellybutton. I wanted to show a bit of skin but not too much.

#4 Once your strips are cut, you can place beads on the strips and tie the ends with knots so the beads won’t come off. I made a pattern with my beads since I had several colors to choose from and placed 6 beads on each strip. You can do whatever you would like here and the number of beads may depend on how long your strips are.

#5 Put your shirt on, go out, and show off what you have just created! I think these shirts are fun and that’s what makes them perfect for summer.


New Spring Addiction

This past Tuesday I came home from a  long day of school and cello lessons and church to sprawl out on my bed and watch one of my favorite TV shows. If you are a teenage girl you probably have a good idea about what show I’m talking about. Pretty Little Liars. It’s such a wonderful thing and brightens my life. As I was laying on my bed taking in all the secrets and drama that was unfolding, I came across a wonderful piece of clothing. This isn’t really anything new since everyone in the show knows how to dress to impress. I don’t know where they get all their clothes, but I need to find out like now. Anyway, the piece of clothing that I’m talking about was worn by Hanna, one of the main characters. It was a blue sleeveless button-down top with a collar. It sounds like a pretty normal top right? Wrong. At the neck there were cutouts. It was genius!! I wanted to reach right through my TV screen and rip it off her so I could wear it.


Here is a picture of Hanna (Ashley Benson) wearing the shirt in the show.






Then, today as I was scrolling through the seemingly endless pictures on Pinterest, I found a shirt with the same type a cutouts. I had, yet again, the urge to reach through my screen and grab the shirt.

Pinned Image



This shirt has the same idea as the one from Pretty Little Liars. If the other shirt was bottoned up it would look more like this shirt. This picture came from It has lots of great pictures of people showing off their style. Check it out!






This idea of cutouts in a bottondown shirt inspires me to try it myself. I can go out and buy a cheap shirt and change it however I please. There are so many different things that could be done. You could cut sections from the back of the shirt to show off your shoulder blades. You could even cut out different shapes like triangles or hearts for more of a geometric or girly feel depending on your style. You could do the same thing on the front as well, whatever pleases your eye most.

I think I am definitely going to try this out. This gives me a chance to be creative and make something that no one else has. I can be different. And who knows, maybe I’ll even start a new “trend”.

Make it work!

Last Thursday was the season premiere of Project Runway but this season has a new twist. It’s Project Runway Teams. This means that every challenge is a team challenge. There are two permanent teams and each challenge one person from the losing team is sent home. I’m thinking this could get really interesting. If one team is better than the other, the other team could get whittled down to no one and then you are left with only one team. That is what I call exciting!! I can’t wait to see what happens. I also think that this season could have A LOT more drama because the whole team situation. They have always brought drama in the past but every challenge is a team challenge so there will definitely be more this season. This new twist gives the viewers a break from the same old stuff, but I can’t help think about how the designers must feel. I think I’d be a little pissed off if I were them. I wouldn’t want my ideas and talent to be influenced so much by other people. Some team challenges are okay but all teams challenges seems like it would be too much for me. Although it is good practice for the designers to work in teams because they would most likely have to do that in the real world anyway. I have mixed feelings about this new twist.

Besides the team aspect of this season of Project Runway, I think the designers are very good. There is a wide range of styles that will really make this season even more interesting. Based off of what I saw on the first challenge and the designers’ auditions, I can tell there are many very talented people and the judges really have their work cut out for them. Speaking of the judges….Micheal Kors is not on this season!! Oh no! Whatever shall we do! Have no fear because Zach Posen is here. That was kind of cheesy. Sorry about that. Apparently Kors will be back for the finale though so fingers crossed! And like always there is the beautiful Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and good old Tim Gunn.

So far I think I like Joseph Segal because he makes interesting things. They aren’t necessarily my style but he has a certain querkiness that catches my attention. Plus he seems fun and he has cool glasses. I might like Kate Pankoke because she makes cute clothes with a vintage flare. This style is very in right now and it appeals to my taste in fashion.  I also like Samantha Black because she uses lots of bright colors and I liked the outfit she was wearing so that makes me think she knows what she’s doing. Richard Hallmarq, Layana Aguilar, and Tu Suthiwat Nakchat seem like people I will like as well.

Stay tuned to see all the drama and fashion on Lifetime. I can’t wait!!


After many months of searching, I have finally become a real girl and now have my own LBD. That’s right! Little Black Dress!! I’m so excited to start wearing it. Come on spring. Come faster! I guess I could wear it before hand, but it would definitely be cold. Especially since the wind chill tomorrow is supposed to be -25 degrees. Buuurrrrrr!!!!!! I’ll take this into consideration  for sure. Well anyway, I can wear this dress with just about anything. It has a peplum shape to it. Fitted at the top and forms an a-line from the waist down. I think this shape can work for many body types because it shows off your waist, which is the skinniest part of your body, and floats away from the waist hiding potential “trouble spots” on the lower half of the body. I got my dress from Express for only $40 which is a great price in my eyes. I snatched it up real quick and proceeded to the check out counter to make that beauty mine.

Since this dress is plain, I can wear it with basically anything. I can can dress it up by wearing my leopard print belt, leopard print heels, and my pink blazer. Add some bling or a chunky necklace and I’m set for a night on the town. I could even wear this dress to a school dance. If I pair it with the right shoes and accessories and fix up my hair, I’ll be ready to dance the night away! I think I just might do this, that way I can save money by not having to go out and by a new dress that I’d probably only wear once.

I could also dress this dress down and have a more casual look. I can throw a denim jacket over top and wear some gladiators and a pair of sunglasses, and I’m  ready to hang out with my friends on a beautiful spring day. I could wear a cardigan, a vest, or even a sweater with it. The possibilities are endless!! Well maybe not endless…..a poncho would probably look pretty ridiculous. So let me rephrase that. The possibilities are almost endless!!


Neutrals. They have always been a part of fashion. Always. They are essential to everyone’s wardrobe. They are the basis of outfits. Often times they are the reason outfits look good. If you are wearing an outfit filled with color and no neutrals, there is a good chance that you will look ridiculous. Now don’t get me wrong, there are outfits out there that are made up of all colors and they look absolutely amazing. Well anyway, we are talking about neutrals right now.  It seems that last year and this year neutrals have become more important than they have been in the past. These days I have noticed that more and more people are wearing outfits made up of all neutrals. And let me tell ya. These outfits are in no way boring. I think I need to clear something up before I go any further. My definition of neutrals are the colors black, white, brown, tan, grey, and nude. Navy might even be a neutral, but I haven’t decided yet. This is probably not any different from most people’s definition of neutrals but I thought I should make mine clear.

Since neutrals have become more popular, at least in my eyes they have, they are being used in different ways. Before, neutrals were used to tone an outfit down or used to create a basis for other colors. Here’s an example.

Sally wants to wear a pink blouse and a purple cardigan. Then she has to figure out what type of pants to wear. She thinks to herself that the pants should be a neutral color to balance out the color on top. Plus, she wants her top to stand out and be noticed. She doesn’t want her pants to be distracting or take away the stoplight from her upper body. She can wear jeans or khakis. She could even wear black slacks. Either way, Sally fells she needs a neutral.

Now Sally is in no way wrong. It makes complete sense to think this way. Heck, I think that way and I’m sure lots of other people do too. Well if you really want to be considered a “fashionista” in today’s world then you have to be able to work with neutrals in a way that is “different from the norm.” You have to be able to wear multiple neutral colors in one outfit without looking like a school librarian and you have to use different textures to create interest.

Now that you know the important things to consider when making a neutral outfit, lets look at some examples.

(all photos were found on Pinterest, they are not me or anyone that I know)

Knit w/ dress


Now this outfit is adorable. And as you have probably noticed, it is made up of neutrals. Is this a boring outfit? No way! There are different colors: cream, beige, and black. There are different textures: knit sweater and pleated dress.







This outfit is cute too and follows “the rules.” Different colors and different textures. There is one thing that really makes this outfit work for this girl and that is her skin tone. She is tan and the color of here shirt goes great with her skin tone. If I were to wear this outfit, it probably wouldn’t look as good because I have such pale skin.







so cute for fall



This outfit is very similar to the first example, I just wanted to show a head to toe look.

Tis the season to be ugly.

You may have seen the title of this post and found it interesting. That is usually how one decides to read something, from the title. Ugly is the word that probably caught your interest. I’m not talking about people here. I’m not that mean of a person. What I’m talking about here are ugly Christmas sweaters. We’ve all heard of them and may have owned one in the past. We’ve also heard of the classic stories of getting them as gifts. Well, maybe those stories are more from movies and such, but that is beside the point. The point is we’ve heard a story from somewhere, be it from our mothers or from watching A Christmas Story. If you haven’t heard anything, listen up. I will provide an example.

A child receives a gift from a family member. They are of course excited, because it’s a gift and everyone loves gifts. The kid opens the gift to find that inside is a Christmas sweater. The kid is ultimately disappointed because the gift is not what they had thought it could be: a toy car or yo-yo. The kid hates the sweater and does not want to wear it ever. Then there’s the parents who encourage the kid to wear it. “Aunt Helen knitted it herself and worked very hard on it. It would hurt her feelings if you never wore it,” the parents would say. So the kid is forced to wear the ugly sweater with worries that they will get beat up at school for wearing it.

Well, to the surprise of the kid in the story above, ugly Christmas sweaters are becoming popular. Now at Christmas time, people of all ages are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters on purpose. It’s fun and you’re always surprised at how ugly some sweaters really are. It’s kind of like a contest of who can have the ugliest sweater. At my school, we have ugly sweater day. As you can guess, everyone wears their ugly sweaters to school. You can have people wear them to Christmas parties or have a special day at work. I think I am going to ask my teacher if we can wear ugly sweaters to our orchestra concert. It would give a little more life to our concert if everyone was playing the holiday music wearing the sweaters. It would add more holiday spirit.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop!    For the next ugly Christmas sweater party   Lighted ugly christmas sweater. via Etsy.

Designer of the Week: Betsey Johnson

“I like the everyday process and the people, the pressure, the surprise  of seeing the work come alive walking and dancing around on strangers.  Like red lipstick on the mouth, my products wake up and brighten and  bring the wearer to life, drawing attention to her beauty and  specialness, her moods and movements, her dreams and fantasies.”

– Betsey Johnson
You have most likely commented on the way she dresses: bright, whacky, youthful. And also about her age. She dresses like a teenager, not like the 70 year old that she is. She’s known for her blonde, straw-like hair, her bright lipstick, and her signature cartwheel that she performs at the end of her fashion shows. Betsey designs for teens and twenty year olds with a sexy punk style. She uses lot of pink and black with ruffles, lace, and stripes. Along with clothes, Betsey also designs jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. I like her jewelry the best. It’s very different from jewelry of other brands. Her jewelry is fun and there’s always something that makes you smile or laugh. There are lots of animals, skulls, bows and hearts. And we can’t forget the rhinestones!!
Jewelry courtesy of
Betsey Johnson was born on August 10, 1942 in Wethersfield, Conneticut. When she was young, she enjoyed art and dancing. These interests led her to fashion designing and Syracuse University. After college, she won a guest editor spot for Mademoiselle magazine. She later worked for Paraphernalia, designing clothes. Later, she left Paraphernalia to work with Alley Cat. In the 70s, Betsey struggled selling her style and went to designing kids and maternity clothes. Her fashion career rebooted with the start of the punk movement in London. She started her own brand (Betsey Johnson) with the help of a former model, Chantel Bacon, and has many stores around the world today.

The Baguette is back.

1997 marked the first line of Fendi Baguettes. This year, the Baguette is back in a new collection. Some of you may not know what I’m talking about so I’ll clear this up now before I get ahead of myself. I know that a baguette is a type of bread, but in this case it’s a purse. And a rather expensive one at that. In 1997, the bags were all the craze. The bags were selling out all over the world and people were having to wait for stores to have the bags in stock. I don’t think this year will be quite as chaotic as in the past, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see their popularity increase over the next year to come. This year’s Baguettes are smaller than those of 1997 and come in many different colors and styles. I can see why these bags were so popular, because they are very appealing to the eye. I’ll admit that I haven’t ever heard of Baguettes, but I was only a little kid when they first came out. Well, I have fallen under their spell, much like someone I read about in this article. I’m not nearly as longing as the person in the article, but after seeing all these pictures of Baguettes, I understand why she wanted one so much.

Here, feast your eyes.














A Letter From a Blogger

Dear Marc Jacobs,

I like you as a designer. I really do. You think outside the box and create some really desirable clothing that I would love to own, but are unfortunately, out of my price range. Maybe someday in the future, when I actually have money, I will be able to own some of your masterpieces. Well, there’s something that I need to tell you and I’ve kind of been trying to soften the blow with my compliments, but this needs to be said. Your fall collection is whack. Sorry, but not sorry. It’s just gross. I mean, who would wear that?!? Hopefully no one, because those clothes are not ok. First of all, the patterns and colors are not attractive. They look like an old couch. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to look like a couch. The shape of your skirts make a person look like they are wearing a cardboard box with grandma’s old dusty coach wrapped around it. Four words. NOT EVEN REMOTELY ATTRACTIVE (to put it nicely). The hats are just weird. They are way too big and poofy. If you wore those things, no one would be able to tell if you had a head or if you were even human! One of the outfits, (as seem below) looks like the girl just got out of her bed in Wonderland. NO. NO. NO! These clothes make people look like they just escaped from the loony bin or need to be locked up in the loony bin. Loony bin = crazy people = not where sane people live. I don’t know if I get your esthetic, but to me it’s something like Homeless Psychopath. I’m pretty sure that no one on the planet aspires to be homeless and/or a psychopath, so why are you making people look like them? I don’t know either Marc. Maybe you yourself has gone crazy. I have no clue, but I will say this. Please, please, please, make your next collection for humans and not aliens. Thank you.

With criticism and love,

None of Your Business

Oversized Plaid with Sequin Embroidery Stole  Doubleface Cashmere Pea Coat  Shaggy Mohair with Sequin Embroidery Double-Breasted Coat   Sequined Waffle Stitch V-Neck Vest

Photos curtesy of

What’s with all the craze?

Mustaches. They are everywhere. Where did they come from? Why have they become so popular? And why all of a sudden now? I do not know the answer to these questions, but I will say this; they are a very humorous and iconic symbol.

I first saw mustaches, the fake ones, about 3 years ago when one of my brother’s friends was wearing a mustache necklace. I thought it was really funny and wanted to know where in the heck she got it. She told me she ordered it from I hadn’t ever heard of the site, so I went home and looked it up. I found all sorts of interesting things. Anyway, I typed mustache necklaces in the search box and to my surprise, there were so many necklaces with many different styles of mustaches! I decided then that I wanted to order one for myself. I even ordered one for my brother as a joke. When the necklace came in the mail, I was so excited. I knew that no one, or almost no one at my school would have one. When I wore the necklace, many people commented on it saying they liked it or that it was funny. They also told me to hold it up to my face which made them laugh. I never noticed anything else with mustaches until about a year after I had gotten my necklace. After that, they were popping up everywhere and I mean everywhere. You see them on jewelry and clothing. People are even getting mustache tattoos on their fingers allowing them to put them up to their face and have a fake mustache. My friend even got me a mustache key chain that talks. Every time you push the button it says, “Well, hello there.” Mustaches have become so popular that it’s hard to think of what the mustache hasn’t been on.

It weird to me that mustaches have just came out of no where and become something so popular, but I guess that’s how all trends are. One person does something and pretty soon “everyone” does it. I think the thing that makes this trend stranger than other trends is that mustaches, the real ones, have been around since the beginning of time. To me, it seems funny that something that has been around forever has all of a sudden become a popular icon of our generation.