Made in Japan

So today is Mother’s Day. It’s the one day off the year dedicated to the moms on this planet. I think it’s a great holiday because mothers need to be appreciated, not just on this day of course. I think having a special day to appreciate them makes our mothers feel good. Also, they like getting gifts and spending the day with their families and doing stuff they want to do. Every Mother’s Day, my mom gets to pick a restaurant that she wants to go eat dinner. This year she picked Osaka Japanese Steakhouse. She has been wanting to go there for a while now and she finally got the chance. When I reminded her about where we were going for dinner later in the day she told me that she was so excited to go. I was excited too because they have very good food. It’s also one of those places where you sit around a Hibachi grill and the chef cooks your food right in front of you. The chefs are always entertaining. I like when they throw food to you and you have to catch it in your mouth. I’m no good at catching things in my mouth so it’s always embarrassing when my turn comes around. I like watching other people though. I’m always impressed by the people that can catch the food and I always laugh at those you can’t. I know that seems ironic but, hey, they laugh at me too when I can’t catch my food so we’re even. When you go to Osaka you are given a ton of food. First you are served soup. It’s a salty broth with green onions and mushrooms. I don’t eat the mushrooms but the broth has a nice simple taste. Next, you are served salad with your choice of dressing: Yum Yum or Ginger Sauce. I prefer the Yum Yum. It’s kind of like a Thousand Island dressing. The chef comes out next and twirls his cooking utensils, showing off his skills. He spins and tosses eggs and finally breaks them open to be cooked for the fried rice. He then prepares the vegetables and then the different types of meat that everyone ordered. Finally, he fries some bananas to act as our dessert. In addition to all that food, my family ordered Monster Rolls. They are a type of sushi. I don’t know how to explain them except that they are mighty tasty. It’s always a good time when my family and I go to Osaka. The food and the atmosphere are enjoyable. There is always something that gets you laughing whether it’s the  chef playing some sort of trick on you or the piece of food that hits you in the face as it completely misses your mouth.

S’mores Graham Krispie Treats

Okay so I’m pretty sure everyone loves s’mores and rice krispie treats. If you don’t than there is something wrong with you and it might be time to call the doctor and schedule an appointment. You must not be human if you do not like either of those tasty treats. If you are human and like s’mores and rice krispie treats then these treats are perfect for you. They are a cross between s’mores and rice krispie treats. They are two in one! And they are super easy to make! Just follow the recipe provided below that I found courtesy of Country Cleaver. You have to make these! I mean….the picture says it all right? Yum!


1 bag of mini marshmallows (10 oz.)

1 cup of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips + 1 for topping

1 box of Golden Grahams cereal (12 oz.)

6 Tbsp. of butter

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract  (I forgot to add the vanilla when I was making these treats but they still tasted great)

Non-stick cooking spray


1. Spray a 9×9 inch baking pan with non-stick cooking spray and set it aside.

2. In a large pot over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the marshmallows and stir the mixture until the marshmallows have melted and you are left with a creamy mixture. Next, stir in the vanilla extract.

3. Pour the Golden Grahams into the mixture and stir until the cereal is evenly coated with the marshmallow mixture. Mix in the chocolate chips.

4. Spread the mixture in you prepared pan and press it down evenly. Add chocolate chips to the top and press them down so they will stick.

5. Place the pan in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to cool then take them out and enjoy!

These treats are great for parties or to take to work or school events because they don’t take long to prepare and won’t take very much time out of your busy schedule. I like these because they remind me of camping which I love to do. The Golden Graham give a good graham cracker taste that I was not really expecting. My treats did not turn out like the picture from above. The chocolate chips that were added to the marshmallow and cereal mixture started to melt in the pot so there are not whole chocolate chips in side the treats but the ones that I added to the top stayed whole. I can’t wait to have lunch so I can have one for dessert! They just smell so divine. Maybe I’ll sneak one before……

Garlic Monkey Bread

 I was so excited when I found this recipe! I love regular Monkey Bread a lot so I was happy to find this recipe. I also love love love garlic bread so these are a double whammy. The thing that made finding this recipe even better was the fact that my mom went to the grocery store before making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and she forgot to buy the bread. I was surfing through Pinterest while she was cooking when I found these bad boys on Eat Cake For Dinner. I wasn’t even looking in the food section of Pinterest. I was in the DIY section. This had to have been divine intervention. There is no other explanation. Well maybe there is but let me believe what I want okay? We looked in the refrigerator and had enough biscuits so we made them and had them with our spaghetti. It was a good save on my part that happened totally by accident. I’m so glad I found them in time. Our dinner would not have been complete. These muffins were great for spaghetti and were so easy to make. I definitely recommend them. In my family we usually have spaghetti on busy nights because it’s a quick and easy meal to prepare. These muffins won’t slow us down one bit! They are a great addition to the Busy Night Dinner Team.


2 cans of buttermilk biscuits

6 Tbsp. of butter, melted

3 cloves of garlic, minced

2 Tbsp. of dried parsley flakes

1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese + some to sprinkle on top


Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut the biscuits into 4  pieces and place them in a bowl. Combine all remaining ingredients and pour the mixture over the biscuit pieces. Gently toss them to coat them evenly. Use a greased 12 cup muffin tin and place 6-7 pieces in each tin (I put 7 in each). It should make 12 muffins. Sprinkle cheese over the top and place in them in the oven for 12-14 minutes. Serve them warm.