Women in the workforce

According to an article posted on americanpress.org, 47% of the workforce is made up of women. This number has risen from 29.6% in 1950. As more and more women are going to college and getting degrees, more and more women have been able to get jobs. This leap in percentage is drastic for such a small amount of time. I recently read Hanna Rosin’s book The End of Men and she provides evidence that women are rising fast and becoming the dominant gender. I think she is indeed right that more and more women are going up in the world but I am not so sure that making the claim that women are surpassing men is necessarily right. Men have been working for a much longer time span than women. They have always been the one to work the farms and go to the office to earn money for their family. Women were always the ones who stayed home and cooked and cleaned and took care of the children. The percentage of women working before 1950 was very small. They had a lot of room to climb. men on the other hand have always been working so their percentage has always been relatively high. Because women had more room to grow, the percentage increase since 1950 could be more drastic than the percentage increase of men working since 1950. This room for improvement gives the sense that the percentage of women is growing rapidly and that they are on their way to becoming the dominant gender because the percentage of men is not growing as quickly as men. Since men already had a high percentage of people working in the workforce, any percentage of growth is significant. Women have had more room to grow and thus gave them the appearance of increasing rapidly and already taking over the world. I think that Rosin is a little too early with her ideas. If we give it a few more years I think that it is possible to see women becoming the dominant gender.

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