This is going to be boring but read it if you please.

Today at church was Celebration Sunday. We were celebrating Jesus resurrection. My youth group led the service, meaning we read the Bible verses, served communion, ushered and greeted the members as they walked in. We also decorated the sanctuary of the church with balloons and flamingos. The flamingos are a signature thing my church does for fundraising but that besides the point. We even passed out beaded necklaces to everyone to spread the cheer. At the beginning of the service we walked in singing a fun song that everyone knows. We got the congregation to join in singing the song. At certain parts of the song the people are supposed to stand up or sit down. Everyone was singing and had a smile on their face. Later in the service, the other kids and I passed out instruments to people in the pews. They were encouraged to play them as they please during the hymns. In the beginning, the music had some sort of rhythm going but towards the end more kids had the instruments and it sounded more chaotic. It was actually pretty funny. I made eye contact with the kid that was sitting next to me a few times and we just laughed at all the noise we were hearing. It was definitely a new experience at church but to be honest I like our normal services better. All those instruments were kind of awkward and made it hard to heard the singing. Plus, I didn’t really care for playing an instrument myself. I just like to sing. I guess people are right. Lutherans don’t like change. Haha oh well.


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