Oh. It’s you again.

What is it about April that makes everyone feel the need to cram everything into one month? I mean seriously. There are other months in the year besides April. This time of year is always extremely busy for me. Since it’s the Spring, I have tennis. Don’t get me wrong. I love tennis. It’s the thing I look forward to at the end of the day but it does take up a bunch of time and makes my nights even shorter. This week alone I have three tennis meets. Then there is the ACT which is this weekend. I’ve never taken it before so I’m a little nervous, but I realize that I can take it more than once. I know that it’s only a one day thing but it’s just another thing that I have to worry about and just another thing that takes up time. Then there is orchestra. I had a music contest the other day and I have some upcoming performances I’m preparing for and have to remember the dates to. Also I take lessons and that takes up time and tennis takes away from my practice time so it’s hard to be adequately prepared for my lessons each week. It’s a lot to handle all this stuff on top of school and my weekly church duties. I do my best to stay on top of things and still get enough sleep but I could always use more of that. It’s April and that means that I’ll be busy for a while but then it reminds me that June is just around the corner and I will be free to do as I please when summer finally rolls around. I can’t wait. Relaxation here I come.


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