The Hummus and Pita Co.

Over Spring Break I went to New York City. I’ve wanted to go there for a very long time and I finally got the chance. I went to see Spiderman on Broadway, which was surprisingly good, and see the Artemis Quartet perform at Carnegie Hall. I got a bus tour of the city just to explore the different regions and see landmark buildings. When the bus got to Chelsea, we stopped for to get some lunch. Me and two others girls went to a place called The Hummus and Pita Co. When we got off the bus we looked around to see what restaurants were around and decided that one looked interesting to try. We walked into the building and the aroma was great. I can’t remember what it was but I can tell you it was nice and made me curious as to what this place was all about. The restaurant is set up like a Subway where you walk in and they make your food the way you want it right in front of you. You choose the type of meat you want to put in it and the type of wrap you want, such as a pita or a laffa. Then you get to fill it with the different things they have like Israeli cous cous, Mediterranean rice, or Moroccan beans. As the name of the restaurant implies, you can choose a type of hummus to add as well. You finish off your order by adding sauces and lettuce, tomato, etc. I ordered a pita with chicken, Moroccan beans, the original hummus (which is a family recipe), and feta cheese. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. I didn’t recall ever having feta cheese and the hummus I tried in the past wasn’t anything I cared for. After I paid and sat down I was very hungry and ready to give my creation a try. To my surprise, it was amazing. I mean AMAZING. It was the best thing I had tasted in a while and it was by far the best thing I ate while I was in New York City. When we decided to go there I was not expecting anything really great. I don’t really eat the type of food they serve so I didn’t know what to expect. When I saw the name I thought, “Well, I really like pita, but not hummus so much.” I never really expected that it would delicious, but oh my gosh it was. My friend and I googled the place after we left in hopes that it was a chain. It turned out that it was the only one. We were heart-broken but then we came to the conclusion that we had another reason to come back to New York. If you’re ever in New York City you need to stop in Chelsea and eat at The Hummus and Pita Co. You won’t regret it!


One thought on “The Hummus and Pita Co.

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when you have low expectations of a food and then it turns out that it tastes great!! Congratulations in being an adventurous eater! You might want to check out my blog because I am an adventurous eater too!

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