Epiphany (Part 2)

By now two months had passed since I first started talking to this boy. We had only hung out once because one of us was always busy with work or some other event. I always asked him what he had planned for the weekend and I always mentioned that I wanted to hang out with him if he had the time. Unfortunately, it never worked out. After a few weeks, the girl who sat in the spot next to me in class came back from her illness and the boy had to sit in his original spot again.  Because of this, we didn’t get to talk as much in class. Pretty soon he stopped texting me first, but I still wanted to talk to him so I took matters into my own hands and texted him first. We still talked everyday. All this time I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, he would be my boyfriend. I asked him if he liked me and he said yes and so I told him the same back. It was over text, which wasn’t ideal, but it was sufficient for me. After awhile things started to change. I can’t really explain how, but they just did. One day he didn’t answer my texts in the morning and then he had to go to work so I didn’t talk to him all day. That night I was with my friends and when it was time for him to get off I kept an eye out for a reply. My friends had texted him earlier in the day as well and after work he answered them, but not me. That made me mad. He finally texted me but it didn’t have anything to do with my previous messages. It turned out he didn’t receive them. One of my friends proceeded to text him and asked him a bunch of questions about me. He answered all the questions honestly, even after knowing that my friend and I were together. This is when I found something out. Something I didn’t like.

It turned out that he had been talking to another girl too. I knew that we weren’t dating or anything, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. I liked this boy and only this boy. It hurt to think that he might not feel the same way. After the weekend I met up with him to talk things over. I told him that I like him and asked him if he liked me. He said yes. I also asked if he liked the other girl. He said yes. I told him that he needed to make a decision because he couldn’t have both of us and so I left. After two days I hadn’t heard from him so I decided that he didn’t really like me that much. I thought that if he liked me he wouldn’t have to think so hard about this decision. If he liked me I would have been the obvious choice. I told him that I was going to back off. Later in the week I told him that I still wanted him to talk to me. He said that I was the one who gave up and I told him that he was the one who couldn’t decide and not to blame this on me. He responded by saying that he was picking me but I didn’t realize it because I gave up. That was threw me for a loop. I didn’t understand why he didn’t say anything to me. Why didn’t he man up and say how he felt when I was backing off? So now he’s with the other girl.


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