Epiphany: A Three Part Mini Series (Part I)

You may have noticed that my blog is mainly about food and fashion, but today I am straying away from those topics to tell you a story. This is kind of a long story and that is why, as you can see from the title of this post, it will have three parts. I suggest you go to the bathroom and make a bowl of popcorn because this story is a doozy. Here we go.

Are you a shy person? Do you not talk much around people you don’t really know? I don’t know about you because chances are I don’t know you. Maybe you aren’t shy, but this story may still apply to you. I am shy. I always have been and I probably always will be. I don’t talk to people that I don’t know. I usually don’t talk much in class unless I’m spoken to first. In reality though, I’m a very fun person. I’m weird in a good way and I think I’m hilarious. I know how to crack a good joke every once in a while. Once I get to know people I show them who I really am. This combination of personality is weird even for me to wrap my mind around. Because I’m shy I don’t really meet many boys and that’s where this story starts to get interesting.

There was this boy that I met in 9th grade. We weren’t friends, more like acquaintances. We stayed that way all the way through freshman and sophomore year. We would just say hi to each other in the hallways or at football games, but nothing more. Then this year I had a class with him. We sat on opposite sides of the room so we didn’t ever talk. One day in class he came over and sat in an empty seat next to me and my friend. The three of us had a lot of fun in our little corner of the room. The boy continued to sit in that seat for a few weeks and we started to text each other. This was the second boy in my entire life that I had ever texted so this was kind of a big deal. We started out as friends, but then it turned into a little more than that. We would talk everyday for as long as we could and little cute things would be said here and there. It was these cute things that made me realize that I actually might like this boy and that this could actually turn into something. It wasn’t until I hung out with him that I realized I really did like him.


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