Spread the Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m sure lots of people are scrambling to find something special for their special someones. You could always go with the classic roses and a box of chocolates but that ideas id kind of worn out. People want to get things that are unique and sentimental. It’s for that precise reason that I am writing this post. I want to help people spread the love this Valentine’s Day. Afterall, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?

#1 Write a song or poem

These can be very serious and filled with beautiful caring words or they can be funny and incorporate inside jokes that you have with your Valentine. Either option can be equally as loving, but make sure that it goes with the stage that your relationship is in. If you have only been going out for a few weeks, you should probably stay on the funny side rather than the very serious side. You don’t want to freak your significant other out.

#2 Bake something special

People love baked goods, especially when they are in the shape of a heart. Well, I like things better when they are heart-shaped. You literally can’t go wrong with this idea, unless you are a terrible baker. If you are a terrible baker you should probably steer clear of makin anything. You don’t want to poison your loved one. I feel that bake goods are more heart-felt than stuff that is store-bought. Homemade items are made with love and the person actually took time out of their day to make the cookies or cupcakes or whatever it might be just for you.

#3 Go out

This one is pretty obvious. Go out and do something that you both love. Maybe it’s going to a movie or maybe it’s paintballing. Whatever it may be, I feel you should both like it. But maybe it would be romantic to do something that you don’t necessarily like that your loved one does. maybe that would show them how much you really care. Either choice would be good I think.

#4 Make something

You could make a card or jewelry, something of that sort. You could make something that will be useful, for example, if your significant other is always losing their keys, you could make something for them to hang them on or something to put them in. Now every time they go to get their keys they will know where they are and they will think of you every time they do it.

There are definitely other ways to show you care, these are just a few examples I came up with to maybe help someone in need of an idea. I hope this Valentine’s Day is a good one and lots of people have a great time. I also hope I actually have a Valentine this year. There’s a very good chance I will so fingers crossed!!


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