Spring Fever

These past few days in my home town have been freezing cold. When I say freezing that is an under statement. I wish it was freezing. Freezing means its like 20 or 30 degrees. What I mean by freezing is negative 20 or 30 with the wind chill. Holy crap! I don’t want to leave my house because I think my face will fall off!! I don’t know how people in Northern Canada or Finland can stand to live where they do. I’m sure it gets way worse up there. All this cold weather has me really wishing for Spring to come early this year. I usually feel this way at the end of February, but this extreme weather has forced me to get a head start. It definitely didn’t help that Tuesday was 55 degrees. I mean what is that all about! That is just so cruel of Mother Nature to do such a thing. 55 degrees one day and -5 degrees the next day with like a foot of snow is NOT OK. Make up your mind Mother Nature. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Also if you are going to make up your mind, please choose warmer weather. We would all appreciate it where I’m from. We want Spring, not Winter! We are tired of being cold. We are tired of wearing our winter coats. We are tired of the slightly depressed moods we’ve been having lately. We want sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows for goodness sake!! Bring on the heat.

Besides the warmth of Spring, I like the clothes I get to wear. The clothes are what I look forward to when March finally rolls around. Spring says bright colors like pink and orange and neon green. It says floral dresses and gladiators. Denim jackets and ankle bracelets. That’s what I want right now, not winter coats and static-y hair. So winter, winter. Go away. Come again another day. Actually, please don’t come back another day. Stay away forever. No one likes you, Winter. Sorry but not sorry. We like Spring, not you.


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