Make it work!

Last Thursday was the season premiere of Project Runway but this season has a new twist. It’s Project Runway Teams. This means that every challenge is a team challenge. There are two permanent teams and each challenge one person from the losing team is sent home. I’m thinking this could get really interesting. If one team is better than the other, the other team could get whittled down to no one and then you are left with only one team. That is what I call exciting!! I can’t wait to see what happens. I also think that this season could have A LOT more drama because the whole team situation. They have always brought drama in the past but every challenge is a team challenge so there will definitely be more this season. This new twist gives the viewers a break from the same old stuff, but I can’t help think about how the designers must feel. I think I’d be a little pissed off if I were them. I wouldn’t want my ideas and talent to be influenced so much by other people. Some team challenges are okay but all teams challenges seems like it would be too much for me. Although it is good practice for the designers to work in teams because they would most likely have to do that in the real world anyway. I have mixed feelings about this new twist.

Besides the team aspect of this season of Project Runway, I think the designers are very good. There is a wide range of styles that will really make this season even more interesting. Based off of what I saw on the first challenge and the designers’ auditions, I can tell there are many very talented people and the judges really have their work cut out for them. Speaking of the judges….Micheal Kors is not on this season!! Oh no! Whatever shall we do! Have no fear because Zach Posen is here. That was kind of cheesy. Sorry about that. Apparently Kors will be back for the finale though so fingers crossed! And like always there is the beautiful Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and good old Tim Gunn.

So far I think I like Joseph Segal because he makes interesting things. They aren’t necessarily my style but he has a certain querkiness that catches my attention. Plus he seems fun and he has cool glasses. I might like Kate Pankoke because she makes cute clothes with a vintage flare. This style is very in right now and it appeals to my taste in fashion.  I also like Samantha Black because she uses lots of bright colors and I liked the outfit she was wearing so that makes me think she knows what she’s doing. Richard Hallmarq, Layana Aguilar, and Tu Suthiwat Nakchat seem like people I will like as well.

Stay tuned to see all the drama and fashion on Lifetime. I can’t wait!!


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