After many months of searching, I have finally become a real girl and now have my own LBD. That’s right! Little Black Dress!! I’m so excited to start wearing it. Come on spring. Come faster! I guess I could wear it before hand, but it would definitely be cold. Especially since the wind chill tomorrow is supposed to be -25 degrees. Buuurrrrrr!!!!!! I’ll take this into consideration  for sure. Well anyway, I can wear this dress with just about anything. It has a peplum shape to it. Fitted at the top and forms an a-line from the waist down. I think this shape can work for many body types because it shows off your waist, which is the skinniest part of your body, and floats away from the waist hiding potential “trouble spots” on the lower half of the body. I got my dress from Express for only $40 which is a great price in my eyes. I snatched it up real quick and proceeded to the check out counter to make that beauty mine.

Since this dress is plain, I can wear it with basically anything. I can can dress it up by wearing my leopard print belt, leopard print heels, and my pink blazer. Add some bling or a chunky necklace and I’m set for a night on the town. I could even wear this dress to a school dance. If I pair it with the right shoes and accessories and fix up my hair, I’ll be ready to dance the night away! I think I just might do this, that way I can save money by not having to go out and by a new dress that I’d probably only wear once.

I could also dress this dress down and have a more casual look. I can throw a denim jacket over top and wear some gladiators and a pair of sunglasses, and I’m  ready to hang out with my friends on a beautiful spring day. I could wear a cardigan, a vest, or even a sweater with it. The possibilities are endless!! Well maybe not endless…..a poncho would probably look pretty ridiculous. So let me rephrase that. The possibilities are almost endless!!


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