There is this question that I ask myself daily when I’m at school. That question happens to be “What’s for lunch?” Everyday I receive a text from a friend that tells me the answer to this very question. I open it in the hopes that there is at least one thing I want to eat. Some days I am satisfied, usually Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, because there is usually something that I like. Monday is pasta bar day, Tuesdays have some good meals in the main line, and Wednesday always has Pizza Hut. These days are good days in the cafeteria. I walk down to the lunch room knowing I will enjoy what I’m about to ingest. It’s Thursday and Friday that I worry about. There never seems to be anything that sounds good to my ear. On these days I always get the same thing and don’t really enjoy them such as Potato Bowl or Walking Taco. I eat these meals only because I’m hungry and can actually bring myself to let them be digested by my body. I’m probably being an ungrateful little brat and taking for granted the food that is available to me. Actually, scratched that, I AM being an ungrateful little brat but I just don’t understand why some of the meals have to be so unappealing. The chicken is always that processed fake chicken with the weird texture. Sometimes I don’t really notice it, but other times it’s so noticeable that I can’t even eat it. It makes me feel sick and I feel bad that I don’t eat it. I know that schools have to buy cheap food so they can make school lunches affordable but is real chicken really that expensive? If there was one thing that I could change about school lunches it would be the chicken. It needs to be real in my opinion. Real chicken rocks. Fake chicken just does not even compare.


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