Grand Ol’ Time

On Friday night I traveled to Moline, Illinois with my friend, her mom, and her mom’s friend. My friend and I were going to a Rascal Flatts concert at the iWireless Center while the other two were going to the casino. I’m not a big country fan and haven’t really ever been, but my friend needed someone to go with her. I told her that if she couldn’t find anyone that likes country to go with her that I would rough it out and go. She couldn’t find anyone else so I was her girl. When we got to the iWireless Center we passed through the “security check point” and headed upstairs. We found the place where the band merchandise was being sold and hopped in the long line. It wasn’t too long before we reached the front of the line and my friend perchased her Rascal Flatts t-shirt and sweatshirt. After that we went back downstairs to find our seats.

We were on the floor in row 22 on the right side. They were pretty good seats for the floor. The people in front of us were kind of tall but it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Before long the first act came on stage. Her name was Kristen Kelly and she had a pretty darn good singing voice. She sang a few songs, “Ex Old Man” was my favorite, and then there was a break. My friend and I waited and took a picture for the Twitter screen that was up for everyone to send their tweets to. Pretty soon The Band Perry came out and sang about eight songs. I liked “If I Die Young” and “Better Dig Two.” Finally the main event, Rascal Flatts, came out on the stage. The crowd went wild and the real fun began. Rascal Flatts just had a better stage presence and inbetween songs they made little jokes and kept the crowd’s interest. They sang several songs, too many to count. For one of the songs the lead singer brought a girl from the crowd up on stage. She had down syndrome and she was dancing on stage with the band members and shaking everyone’s hands. It was so cute! Everyone was cheering for her and it was just a really special moment.

For me not being a country fan, I actually quite enjoyed the concert. Rascal Flatts was very good. I knew more of their songs than I originally thought so that made it more exciting for me. Also it was my first concert ever so the whole experience was great. It makes me even more excited to go to my Muse concert in March. I will be so dumbfounded it’s not even funny! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!


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