Neutrals. They have always been a part of fashion. Always. They are essential to everyone’s wardrobe. They are the basis of outfits. Often times they are the reason outfits look good. If you are wearing an outfit filled with color and no neutrals, there is a good chance that you will look ridiculous. Now don’t get me wrong, there are outfits out there that are made up of all colors and they look absolutely amazing. Well anyway, we are talking about neutrals right now.  It seems that last year and this year neutrals have become more important than they have been in the past. These days I have noticed that more and more people are wearing outfits made up of all neutrals. And let me tell ya. These outfits are in no way boring. I think I need to clear something up before I go any further. My definition of neutrals are the colors black, white, brown, tan, grey, and nude. Navy might even be a neutral, but I haven’t decided yet. This is probably not any different from most people’s definition of neutrals but I thought I should make mine clear.

Since neutrals have become more popular, at least in my eyes they have, they are being used in different ways. Before, neutrals were used to tone an outfit down or used to create a basis for other colors. Here’s an example.

Sally wants to wear a pink blouse and a purple cardigan. Then she has to figure out what type of pants to wear. She thinks to herself that the pants should be a neutral color to balance out the color on top. Plus, she wants her top to stand out and be noticed. She doesn’t want her pants to be distracting or take away the stoplight from her upper body. She can wear jeans or khakis. She could even wear black slacks. Either way, Sally fells she needs a neutral.

Now Sally is in no way wrong. It makes complete sense to think this way. Heck, I think that way and I’m sure lots of other people do too. Well if you really want to be considered a “fashionista” in today’s world then you have to be able to work with neutrals in a way that is “different from the norm.” You have to be able to wear multiple neutral colors in one outfit without looking like a school librarian and you have to use different textures to create interest.

Now that you know the important things to consider when making a neutral outfit, lets look at some examples.

(all photos were found on Pinterest, they are not me or anyone that I know)

Knit w/ dress


Now this outfit is adorable. And as you have probably noticed, it is made up of neutrals. Is this a boring outfit? No way! There are different colors: cream, beige, and black. There are different textures: knit sweater and pleated dress.







This outfit is cute too and follows “the rules.” Different colors and different textures. There is one thing that really makes this outfit work for this girl and that is her skin tone. She is tan and the color of here shirt goes great with her skin tone. If I were to wear this outfit, it probably wouldn’t look as good because I have such pale skin.







so cute for fall



This outfit is very similar to the first example, I just wanted to show a head to toe look.


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