The End of Men: And the Rise of Women

Warning!: I’m going to drift away from the topic of my blog for a few hundred words so beware.

I’m reading this book called The End of Men and the Rise of Women by Hanna Rosin. It’s a nonfiction book that I’m reading for one of my classes in school. I’m not a fan of nonfiction but this book is pretty interesting. Although, that does not mean that I feel like reading it. Reading this book means I have to write an essay. I’m not a fan of essays either. Well anyway, don’t let this stop you from reading this book. The End of Men is about how women are rising up. They are becoming more educated and entering the workforce at much higher rates than they used to. Rosin says women are even surpassing men. Since the beginning of time, men have been considered the “dominant being.” They have always been the ones who protect and the ones who bring home the dough to support the family. Women have been considered less than their man counterparts. They have stayed home to do the cooking and cleaning and done most of the raising of children while their husbands were off in the world making a living. In the past few decades these standards have changed. Women go to work more often than they stay home but they still hold most of the domestic responsibilities like cooking and taking care of the kids. This is a lifestyle that most of you are probably familiar with. This is known as the egalitarian lifestyle. I don’t know about you, but this is the life I picture for myself when I’m married. Maybe with more equal house duties. In today’s world, as Rosin writes, women are changing the way they think about relationships and their future. They want to get a good education and graduate college. They want to be able to support themselves and they have started to think that the idea of marriage and love can wait. Their career is the number one thing. Lots of women still want to get married and have children, they just want to do it at an older age. (around age 30) This change in mentality has effected the workforce. More and more women are going to college and getting degrees and then they are finding jobs. They aren’t just finding jobs considered to be in the women’s fields, such as nursing or teaching, but also going into the fields dominated by men, such as construction and positions of high power. As Rosin writes in her book, women have become more like plastic. They have been willing and able to change over time. Men on the other hand have been like cardboard. They haven’t changed much over time, such as taking the same types of jobs. Women have been spreading their horizons. They have started to enter male dominated fields while the men have not started to enter female dominated fields. This ability has allowed women to gain jobs that pay extremely well. Some women are so successful in their careers that their husbands are no longer the breadwinners. Some men don’t even have to work because their wives make so much money. This rise of women has essentially effected the men. Women have been changing a lot more quickly than men have. The percentage of women getting degrees and getting jobs has grown at much faster rates than men. Some say the women have already surpassed the men or that they will become the dominant gender in the future. Well, women may be rising and growing faster than men, but this does not mean that they are becoming the dominant gender. Men have been working and providing for  their families a lot longer than women have. They have been the dominant gender since basically the beginning of time. This means that they have less room to grow. Men started at the top. Women started much further down and have had a long way to climb throughout history. This difference in distance has made it easier for women to progress at faster rates than men. The men have already met what the women are achieving now. So to recap, women are definitely changing at a faster rate than men, but this does not mean they are becoming the dominant gender. Maybe someday in the future women will jump ahead, but I don’t think it has happened quite yet.


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