Tis the season to be ugly.

You may have seen the title of this post and found it interesting. That is usually how one decides to read something, from the title. Ugly is the word that probably caught your interest. I’m not talking about people here. I’m not that mean of a person. What I’m talking about here are ugly Christmas sweaters. We’ve all heard of them and may have owned one in the past. We’ve also heard of the classic stories of getting them as gifts. Well, maybe those stories are more from movies and such, but that is beside the point. The point is we’ve heard a story from somewhere, be it from our mothers or from watching A Christmas Story. If you haven’t heard anything, listen up. I will provide an example.

A child receives a gift from a family member. They are of course excited, because it’s a gift and everyone loves gifts. The kid opens the gift to find that inside is a Christmas sweater. The kid is ultimately disappointed because the gift is not what they had thought it could be: a toy car or yo-yo. The kid hates the sweater and does not want to wear it ever. Then there’s the parents who encourage the kid to wear it. “Aunt Helen knitted it herself and worked very hard on it. It would hurt her feelings if you never wore it,” the parents would say. So the kid is forced to wear the ugly sweater with worries that they will get beat up at school for wearing it.

Well, to the surprise of the kid in the story above, ugly Christmas sweaters are becoming popular. Now at Christmas time, people of all ages are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters on purpose. It’s fun and you’re always surprised at how ugly some sweaters really are. It’s kind of like a contest of who can have the ugliest sweater. At my school, we have ugly sweater day. As you can guess, everyone wears their ugly sweaters to school. You can have people wear them to Christmas parties or have a special day at work. I think I am going to ask my teacher if we can wear ugly sweaters to our orchestra concert. It would give a little more life to our concert if everyone was playing the holiday music wearing the sweaters. It would add more holiday spirit.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop!    For the next ugly Christmas sweater party   Lighted ugly christmas sweater. via Etsy.


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