So I’m sitting here at my computer in my kitchen and I’m trying to think of something to blog about. Well I simply can not think of anything. It’s not working out. I figure that my blog is about fashion and food so I don’t want to start blogging about random things. Then I think, “Well, I can blog one random thing and it will be ok. It won’t ruin the vibe of my blog. It’s only one little post.” Well guess what? I can’t think of anything random to blog about either. This sucks butt. What am I supposed to write about? What am I supposed to share with all of my wonderful fans? OK. They aren’t fans. They are followers. Followers of my amazingness. Just kidding. I’ll get back to my point now. What am I supposed to share with all of my followers? (by “all”, I mean like 12 people) I can’t help but think that I have run out of ideas. What if I have completely run dry? What if there is nothing left? Oh no!! What if I don’t think of anything about everything ever?!? Sorry. I got a little dramatic there. That is just silly. Of course I will be able to think of things. It will probably be next week before I finally think of something good to blog about. I shant worry about that now. I have other more important things to worry about. I have a concert in a few days and I need to polish some things up. Also, I have to find a costume to wear, you know, for that holiday that’s coming up. I just have so many things, but the thing that is killing me right now is this project I have to do. It’s a pretty large project and I am NOT loving doing it. It just gets me all stressed out. Oh gosh! I’m going to stop typing right now. I’m getting stressed.


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