What’s with all the craze?

Mustaches. They are everywhere. Where did they come from? Why have they become so popular? And why all of a sudden now? I do not know the answer to these questions, but I will say this; they are a very humorous and iconic symbol.

I first saw mustaches, the fake ones, about 3 years ago when one of my brother’s friends was wearing a mustache necklace. I thought it was really funny and wanted to know where in the heck she got it. She told me she ordered it from Etsy.com. I hadn’t ever heard of the site, so I went home and looked it up. I found all sorts of interesting things. Anyway, I typed mustache necklaces in the search box and to my surprise, there were so many necklaces with many different styles of mustaches! I decided then that I wanted to order one for myself. I even ordered one for my brother as a joke. When the necklace came in the mail, I was so excited. I knew that no one, or almost no one at my school would have one. When I wore the necklace, many people commented on it saying they liked it or that it was funny. They also told me to hold it up to my face which made them laugh. I never noticed anything else with mustaches until about a year after I had gotten my necklace. After that, they were popping up everywhere and I mean everywhere. You see them on jewelry and clothing. People are even getting mustache tattoos on their fingers allowing them to put them up to their face and have a fake mustache. My friend even got me a mustache key chain that talks. Every time you push the button it says, “Well, hello there.” Mustaches have become so popular that it’s hard to think of what the mustache hasn’t been on.

It weird to me that mustaches have just came out of no where and become something so popular, but I guess that’s how all trends are. One person does something and pretty soon “everyone” does it. I think the thing that makes this trend stranger than other trends is that mustaches, the real ones, have been around since the beginning of time. To me, it seems funny that something that has been around forever has all of a sudden become a popular icon of our generation.


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