Camp Food

There’s nothing like going camping and eatting camp food. When I’m out there in the cold, the thing I look forward to is the next meal. This weekend my family and I went camping in the Palisades. It was pretty cold and didn’t feel like moving around much. I liked to sit by the fire and try to stay warm. Since I didn’t do much, I really looked forward to each meal. For breakfast, my mom made what she calls Egg McMuffins. They are kind of like the things you would get at McDonalds but a billion times better. She cooks and egg over medium and heats ham in a frying pan. She then puts the egg and ham on an English muffin with a slice of American cheese. Then the sandwich is fried for a little bit in the pan with some butter. When you bite into the sandwich, the egg yoke dips out. It is so delicious! They taste great even when you aren’t camping, but there’s something about eatting them in the chilly hours of the morning when you’re out camping. For one of our meals, we had homemade chili and hot dogs. It was another great meal to eat in the cold. The hot chili really warms you up. I put lots of cheese in my chili so that there were cheese strings everywhere. I also dipped my hot dog in my chili to make a chili-cheese dog. For another meal, we cooked hamburgers on our little charcoal grill. The cheese was melting so much that it was falling all over the coals and created sizzling noises. Those burgers tasted good too. They just taste so much better when they are cooked on charcoal. One night, while we were huddled around the campfire, we roasted s’mores. Who doesn’t love s’mores? They were, of course, delicious as well. I love it when my marshmallows are like liquid in the middle and have a thin, crispy outer shell. One of the sandwiches I ate was a marshmallow inbetween two pieces of Hershey’s chocolate. It was awesome. The chocolate started to melt a little from the heat of the marshmallow. You could have all these foods in your own home, but they are just made for camping. When you’re camping, these foods taste their best.


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