So I’m sitting here at my computer in my kitchen and I’m trying to think of something to blog about. Well I simply can not think of anything. It’s not working out. I figure that my blog is about fashion and food so I don’t want to start blogging about random things. Then I think, “Well, I can blog one random thing and it will be ok. It won’t ruin the vibe of my blog. It’s only one little post.” Well guess what? I can’t think of anything random to blog about either. This sucks butt. What am I supposed to write about? What am I supposed to share with all of my wonderful fans? OK. They aren’t fans. They are followers. Followers of my amazingness. Just kidding. I’ll get back to my point now. What am I supposed to share with all of my followers? (by “all”, I mean like 12 people) I can’t help but think that I have run out of ideas. What if I have completely run dry? What if there is nothing left? Oh no!! What if I don’t think of anything about everything ever?!? Sorry. I got a little dramatic there. That is just silly. Of course I will be able to think of things. It will probably be next week before I finally think of something good to blog about. I shant worry about that now. I have other more important things to worry about. I have a concert in a few days and I need to polish some things up. Also, I have to find a costume to wear, you know, for that holiday that’s coming up. I just have so many things, but the thing that is killing me right now is this project I have to do. It’s a pretty large project and I am NOT loving doing it. It just gets me all stressed out. Oh gosh! I’m going to stop typing right now. I’m getting stressed.

Designer of the Week: Betsey Johnson

“I like the everyday process and the people, the pressure, the surprise  of seeing the work come alive walking and dancing around on strangers.  Like red lipstick on the mouth, my products wake up and brighten and  bring the wearer to life, drawing attention to her beauty and  specialness, her moods and movements, her dreams and fantasies.”

– Betsey Johnson
You have most likely commented on the way she dresses: bright, whacky, youthful. And also about her age. She dresses like a teenager, not like the 70 year old that she is. She’s known for her blonde, straw-like hair, her bright lipstick, and her signature cartwheel that she performs at the end of her fashion shows. Betsey designs for teens and twenty year olds with a sexy punk style. She uses lot of pink and black with ruffles, lace, and stripes. Along with clothes, Betsey also designs jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. I like her jewelry the best. It’s very different from jewelry of other brands. Her jewelry is fun and there’s always something that makes you smile or laugh. There are lots of animals, skulls, bows and hearts. And we can’t forget the rhinestones!!
Jewelry courtesy of betseyjohnson.com
Betsey Johnson was born on August 10, 1942 in Wethersfield, Conneticut. When she was young, she enjoyed art and dancing. These interests led her to fashion designing and Syracuse University. After college, she won a guest editor spot for Mademoiselle magazine. She later worked for Paraphernalia, designing clothes. Later, she left Paraphernalia to work with Alley Cat. In the 70s, Betsey struggled selling her style and went to designing kids and maternity clothes. Her fashion career rebooted with the start of the punk movement in London. She started her own brand (Betsey Johnson) with the help of a former model, Chantel Bacon, and has many stores around the world today.

The Baguette is back.

1997 marked the first line of Fendi Baguettes. This year, the Baguette is back in a new collection. Some of you may not know what I’m talking about so I’ll clear this up now before I get ahead of myself. I know that a baguette is a type of bread, but in this case it’s a purse. And a rather expensive one at that. In 1997, the bags were all the craze. The bags were selling out all over the world and people were having to wait for stores to have the bags in stock. I don’t think this year will be quite as chaotic as in the past, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see their popularity increase over the next year to come. This year’s Baguettes are smaller than those of 1997 and come in many different colors and styles. I can see why these bags were so popular, because they are very appealing to the eye. I’ll admit that I haven’t ever heard of Baguettes, but I was only a little kid when they first came out. Well, I have fallen under their spell, much like someone I read about in this article. I’m not nearly as longing as the person in the article, but after seeing all these pictures of Baguettes, I understand why she wanted one so much.

Here, feast your eyes.














A Letter From a Blogger

Dear Marc Jacobs,

I like you as a designer. I really do. You think outside the box and create some really desirable clothing that I would love to own, but are unfortunately, out of my price range. Maybe someday in the future, when I actually have money, I will be able to own some of your masterpieces. Well, there’s something that I need to tell you and I’ve kind of been trying to soften the blow with my compliments, but this needs to be said. Your fall collection is whack. Sorry, but not sorry. It’s just gross. I mean, who would wear that?!? Hopefully no one, because those clothes are not ok. First of all, the patterns and colors are not attractive. They look like an old couch. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to look like a couch. The shape of your skirts make a person look like they are wearing a cardboard box with grandma’s old dusty coach wrapped around it. Four words. NOT EVEN REMOTELY ATTRACTIVE (to put it nicely). The hats are just weird. They are way too big and poofy. If you wore those things, no one would be able to tell if you had a head or if you were even human! One of the outfits, (as seem below) looks like the girl just got out of her bed in Wonderland. NO. NO. NO! These clothes make people look like they just escaped from the loony bin or need to be locked up in the loony bin. Loony bin = crazy people = not where sane people live. I don’t know if I get your esthetic, but to me it’s something like Homeless Psychopath. I’m pretty sure that no one on the planet aspires to be homeless and/or a psychopath, so why are you making people look like them? I don’t know either Marc. Maybe you yourself has gone crazy. I have no clue, but I will say this. Please, please, please, make your next collection for humans and not aliens. Thank you.

With criticism and love,

None of Your Business

Oversized Plaid with Sequin Embroidery Stole  Doubleface Cashmere Pea Coat  Shaggy Mohair with Sequin Embroidery Double-Breasted Coat   Sequined Waffle Stitch V-Neck Vest

Photos curtesy of marcjacobs.com

I dare ya.

I found this recipe and found it quite interesting so I decided to put it up for people to see. Here it goes.


Plunge animal into very hot but not boiling water 2 minutes. Pull out or scrape off hair without damaging skin. Slit belly from throat to hind legs. Remove entrails, feet, eyes, and brains. Do not remove head or tail. Wash thoroughly. If possible, freeze for 3 or 4 days. When ready to cook, wipe with a cold, damp cloth. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put in roasting pan. Add 1 cup water and juice of 1 lemon. Bake in hot oven (400 degrees) 15 minutes, turning once. Cover. Reduce heat and bake in moderate oven (350 degrees) 1  1/4 to 1  1/2 hours.

Give it a try. I dare ya.

Yeah……I kind of lied. I find this recipe more disgusting than interesting. I mean, a possum!! YUUUCCKKK!!! I can’t imagine ever eating a possum in my life. They have that gross rat-tail and that’s enough to give me the creeps. I found this recipe in one of my moms old cook books, The New American Cook Book. It’s from 1941. I just can’t picture anyone, even people of the past, actually eating a possum. There are less grotesque recipes in the book, but this one happens to be a page in between Squirrel Pot Pie and Roast Grouse. Again. Eww.

Besides the “interesting” foods, there are other things in the cook book. Since this book was published after the Great Depression, it gives you some insight on what it was like back in the 1940s. For instance, there are different recipes for the different social classes. There are different meals based on how much annual income a family makes. For a liberal diet, you make $3000 dollars or more each year. You are provided with a great range of foods that are “pleasing to the eye and palate”. A person with the liberal diet gets plenty of food and “better-than average nutrition”. The moderate-cost diet is for anyone who makes $2000 to $3000 each year. This diet still provides adequate nutrition, but has less fruits, veggies, and lean meats as the liberal diet. The minimum-cost diet is for anyone who makes $1000 to $2000 per year. Their diet contains more cereals and milk than anything else, but still has just enough fruits and veggies and fats to keep a person as healthy as the budget allows. There are even different menus for meals with a servant and without a servant. The meals with a servant tend to have a lot of different courses and the courses are more difficult to make. A meal without a servant tends to be more like a tea party type thing with salads, scones, and cake. The food is easier to prepare. The cook book even includes how to set the table properly and how to carve and serve different types of meats.

Just by looking at this cook book, you can learn a lot about what it was like. I seems like a whole new world. Eating in this time was something that had a lot of rules and manners. It seems to me that if you didn’t follow these rules, you would be a laughingstock of your circle of friends. Today, throwing a dinner party is less pressure. It doesn’t really matter how you decide to set your table and there isn’t certain foods that you should serve. Dinner parties, at least the ones I have, are fun. We talk and laugh and make jokes at the dinner table. They’re just a great way to spend time with your family and friends.

What’s with all the craze?

Mustaches. They are everywhere. Where did they come from? Why have they become so popular? And why all of a sudden now? I do not know the answer to these questions, but I will say this; they are a very humorous and iconic symbol.

I first saw mustaches, the fake ones, about 3 years ago when one of my brother’s friends was wearing a mustache necklace. I thought it was really funny and wanted to know where in the heck she got it. She told me she ordered it from Etsy.com. I hadn’t ever heard of the site, so I went home and looked it up. I found all sorts of interesting things. Anyway, I typed mustache necklaces in the search box and to my surprise, there were so many necklaces with many different styles of mustaches! I decided then that I wanted to order one for myself. I even ordered one for my brother as a joke. When the necklace came in the mail, I was so excited. I knew that no one, or almost no one at my school would have one. When I wore the necklace, many people commented on it saying they liked it or that it was funny. They also told me to hold it up to my face which made them laugh. I never noticed anything else with mustaches until about a year after I had gotten my necklace. After that, they were popping up everywhere and I mean everywhere. You see them on jewelry and clothing. People are even getting mustache tattoos on their fingers allowing them to put them up to their face and have a fake mustache. My friend even got me a mustache key chain that talks. Every time you push the button it says, “Well, hello there.” Mustaches have become so popular that it’s hard to think of what the mustache hasn’t been on.

It weird to me that mustaches have just came out of no where and become something so popular, but I guess that’s how all trends are. One person does something and pretty soon “everyone” does it. I think the thing that makes this trend stranger than other trends is that mustaches, the real ones, have been around since the beginning of time. To me, it seems funny that something that has been around forever has all of a sudden become a popular icon of our generation.

Trend Alert! Get it while it’s hot.

Two words. Oxford shoes. I mean, look at the pictures below! These shoes are gorgeous! As you can see, they come in many different styles and colors to meet your Oxford needs and we all have Oxford needs. Let’s be honest. I love the electric blue pair and the silver pair.

DV by Dolce Vita 'Mini' Suede Lace-Up Oxford Steven by Steve Madden 'Banx' Oxford Melin Lace-Up Oxford

DV by Dolce Vita Shoes, Mini Oxfords       Pinned Image

Pictures courtesy of Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Stylepantry.com

I used to think that these shoes were only for a certain type of person with that certain type of style, but I have now realized that anyone with any style can pull these off. Since they come in different colors and patterns and shapes, theres bound to be a pair that everyone will want to add to their closet. There are bright Oxfords for the fun and querky personalities, glizzy Oxfords for the, well, glizzy, and neutral Oxfords for those who like a toned down, yet still fun, look.

And guess what? There are Oxfords for men too. Guys of the world, you are not excluded from this trending style. There are plenty of options for you as well. Check out these examples.

  Wallin & Bros. 'Thomas' WingtipCole Haan 'Air Madison' OxfordDonald J Pliner 'Ember-MA' Oxford

    All from Nordstrom

Celebrities are wearing them too!


Camp Food

There’s nothing like going camping and eatting camp food. When I’m out there in the cold, the thing I look forward to is the next meal. This weekend my family and I went camping in the Palisades. It was pretty cold and didn’t feel like moving around much. I liked to sit by the fire and try to stay warm. Since I didn’t do much, I really looked forward to each meal. For breakfast, my mom made what she calls Egg McMuffins. They are kind of like the things you would get at McDonalds but a billion times better. She cooks and egg over medium and heats ham in a frying pan. She then puts the egg and ham on an English muffin with a slice of American cheese. Then the sandwich is fried for a little bit in the pan with some butter. When you bite into the sandwich, the egg yoke dips out. It is so delicious! They taste great even when you aren’t camping, but there’s something about eatting them in the chilly hours of the morning when you’re out camping. For one of our meals, we had homemade chili and hot dogs. It was another great meal to eat in the cold. The hot chili really warms you up. I put lots of cheese in my chili so that there were cheese strings everywhere. I also dipped my hot dog in my chili to make a chili-cheese dog. For another meal, we cooked hamburgers on our little charcoal grill. The cheese was melting so much that it was falling all over the coals and created sizzling noises. Those burgers tasted good too. They just taste so much better when they are cooked on charcoal. One night, while we were huddled around the campfire, we roasted s’mores. Who doesn’t love s’mores? They were, of course, delicious as well. I love it when my marshmallows are like liquid in the middle and have a thin, crispy outer shell. One of the sandwiches I ate was a marshmallow inbetween two pieces of Hershey’s chocolate. It was awesome. The chocolate started to melt a little from the heat of the marshmallow. You could have all these foods in your own home, but they are just made for camping. When you’re camping, these foods taste their best.

Tis the season to be scary

So, I’m sure you know that Halloween is coming up at the end of the month. It was always something that I looked forward to as a kid. I loved getting a costume and of course, getting tons of candy. Here’s the thing. Trick of Treating is for kids. Maybe you’re too old to go Trick or Treating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Halloween. There are other things for adults and teens to do to celebrate.

#1 Have a costume party or costume contest.

This can be fun for all ages. Adults could even do this at their work. my dad does it at his work and prizes are given out to the best costumes. By having a party or a contest, you still get to dress up and have fun.

Pinned Image     Pinned Image  <– AWWW!!!!

#2 Pass out candy.

By passing out candy, you get to see all the little kids all dressed up in their costumes. The little tiny kids are just so cute that you can’t help but smile and some of the older kids have the funniset costumes. Sometimes the costumes are so funny that you can barely hold your laughter in. It’s pretty entertaining. Plus, you can sneak some candy from your candy bowl, so I think it’s a win win situation.

#3 Carve or decorate a pumpkin.

It’s always fun to carve a Jack-o-Lantern. You can make whatever kind of face you want or you don’t even have to make a face. You could carve the logo of your school or favorite sports team. If you don’t like to carve or maybe you aren’t very good at it, you can decorate your pumpkins. Paint a face and add other objects to make it more three-dimensional.

Pottery Barn knock-off pumpkins - Free pattern included - Makely School for Girls  

#4 Go to a haunted house.

Halloween is all about getting scared and haunted house are meant to scare people. Some houses aren’t really all that scary, but they are still fun to go to, especially if you go with a group of your friends. You might scream or you might laugh, either way, it’s a fun time.

#5 Make a Halloween snack.

There are all kinds of cute snacks to make for Halloween. Try to find a way to make one of your favorite snacks in the spirit of Halloween. If you like cupcakes, decorate them with black and orange, or maybe make them look like pumpkins. If you like pigs in blankets, make them look like mummies.

Pinned Image

Do little things to make this Halloween season Halloween-y.