Get the Homecoming Experience

So Saturday was Homecoming and I was pretty darn excited. I went to the dance the last two times and had so much fun, so this time I was expecting the same. I went with my three friends. We had lots of other friends who were going stag so we were looking forward to dancing with them. Before the dance, my frineds and I got ready together. We painted each others nails and helped with hair. We made sure that we all looked good, and we did, if I say so myself. I think we were all happy since none othe rhad a strappless dress this year. Thank god, because those things are just annoying. When we were finally ready, we walked up the stairs to show our parents just how lovely we looked. They took pictures and pretty soon we were almost late for our reservation! We hoppped in my car and I drove us downtown to the White Star to eat dinner before the dance. There isn’t a parkin glot at the restaurant, so we had to find a parkin gspot on the street. Let me tell you. It was very difficult to find one with all the one way streets and no parking zones. It was very confusing and I’ll admit, i almost went down a street the wrong way. It was scary. We finally found a spot that was just around the corner from the restaurant. One of my friends and I started walking to the restaurant, when one of our other friends said, “Hey. Flats. Slow down.” We were wearing flats and the other two were wearing heels. They were having difficulties and it made us two with the flats laugh. They tried to walk faster, but ended up doing this long-strided-jog-walk. It was so funny looking. We made it to the White Star and sat right down since we had a reservation. We took tim eto look at the menus and when the waitress came back with our drinks, we ordered. Two of us got chicken and the other two got pasta. I had the chicken. It was quite large. We came to the conclusion that the chicken must have been the Big Foot of the chicken world. It came with peanut sauce and a spicy asian sauce. I liked both, but the spicy sauce was the best. When we were finished eatting, we stopped by the bathroom and then went on our way back to the car and off to the dance. When we walked in the doors to of the school, people were mad, because they were told to leave. No one seemed happy. I was thinking, “Great, I just got here and no one will be dancing.” Well the problem was soon fixed and people started to dance again. There was a bit of any awkward moment when I saw a girl with the same dress as me, but I think it was more awkward for her. She walked out of the bathroom and saw me standing there. My friends told me she had a surprised look on her face when she saw me. It was kind of funny. My friends and I got a group photo and proceeded to the dance floor. We found all of our of friends and joined the party. It was crowded and we didn’t have very much room, but we didn’t want to move to the outside. Our teachers would see us and that is just an awkward situation. We weren’t really doing anything “bad” but it’s still awkward if your teacher sees you. We left the dance at about 10:30 because there weren’t very many people there anymore and we were bored. We went to one of our houses and had a sleepover.

My overall review of the dance was….Meh. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. I feel like some of the music was weird and the participation in the dance was kind of weak. Some people weren’t really dancing and when no one around you is dancing, it ruins your mood to dance. It’s kind of like when someone says something gross and you lose your appetite. The thing that surprised me the most was the participation in the Cha Cha Slide. Normally everyone is doing it, but not this year. The dance might have been better if I had gone with a date, but I’m not so sure. The atmosphere was just off. After this experience, I’m not sure if I want to go next year. It’ll be my last one, so we’ll see.


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