What’s Trending?

So, what’s trending this season? I believe it would be called 6os or 70s inspired fashion. (I’m not to sure which decade. Maybe it’s both!) I’m just going to call it Lana del Rey style. It’s probably not what you are thinking. This trend does not include bellbottoms or paisley. What it does include are monotoned garments in white, maroon, pig pink, coral, and pale blue. There are lots of skinny jeans and mini go-go like boots. I personally think the mini boot look is cute. They can give off a hard look or a softer sweeter look, depending on what you wear with them. Another component to this look are thicker heeled heels. They are lower to the ground than the ever popular stiletto. You are going to see shirts that hug the body until about the waist where they float out reminicent of a skirt. Sweaters are quite prominant in this style. They are your average simple, one colored sweaters that come in many different weaves. Large jewels and beads are in the jewelry, and leather belts and gloves complete this style. You might be wondering why I referred to this style as the Lana del Rey style. Well, she has a collection at H&M that includes these types of clothing. Here are a few items from the collection.



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