The day of new experiences

At school, students in the orchestra can sign up to work in the concession stands at Kinnick Stadium. Each worker gets a portion of the profits to go into their student accounts. This money can then be used for school related things such as, trips and orchestra lessons. I worked at my first concession stand yesterday. Let me tell you. I was not happy about getting up and 5:00 am to meet up at the school at 6:15 am. When my dad and I arrived at the school parking lot, we were short 7 people. We needed 15, but only had 8. Apparently this situation was not good. We managed to get one more person to show up making a crew of 9 people. This was good news and eased some peoples’ nerves. My dad and I waited for the ninth person to show up. Once they got there, we were finally able to leave. When we got to our concession stand, we had put out all the food and utensils needed to get through the day. We also had to wear a white polo, black apron, and black hat. It was so cold in the stand that I had to keep my sweatshirt on. Well, I still had to wear the white shirt, so I had to wear the shirt over my sweatshirt. It was a major fashion no no, but I had to make the sacrifice. We opened our stand at 9:30 am, but on one really started coming until about 10:00. While we were waiting for customers to come, I got to see some of the Hawkeye football players walk into the stadium dressed in there shirts and ties. It was really cool. I wanted to jump over the counter and shake all of their hands. I even saw Vandenburg. IN REAL LIFE! When people started coming to our stand, they just wanted coffee and hot coco since it was quite chilly out. I got the hang of preparing the drinks pretty quickly and was staying ahead of the game. Then, people started coming. And coming. And they kept coming until the 4th quarter started. I was an order preparer. Whatever the cashiers told me to prepare, I prepared it as quickly and nicely as I could. I made waking tacos, soft tacos, and monster nachos. I got people coffee and hot coco. I filled buckets of popcorn. I was all over the place. When the 4th quarter finally rolled around, I was relieved. I made myself a walking taco and went out to watch the game. I love going to hawkeye games. I’ve only ever been to one, but it was so much fun. I mean, the atmosphere in that stadium is great. Seeing all that black and gold just makes me smile. I watched most of the 4th quarter standing with my back against one of the walls in the stadium. I probably should have returned to the concession stand before the game ended, but I just couldn’t pull my eyes fromthe field. Plus, I had no desire to go back to the stand and clean up. I was tired of working. I had been working for about 8 hours. I cheered with the croud and participated in the stadium wide wave. That was really an awesome sight. When the game ended, I returned to the stand and helped everyone finish cleaning. When that was all done, I could finally call it a day and go back to my house to relax the rest of the day. I hadn’t ever done anything like working in the concession stand. I added a new experience under my belt. It’s just one more thing I can say I’ve done.


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