Mix it up.

I’m sure a lot of people stick to one hair style most of the time. They have one style that they sport most days of the week. I feel people think that it takes too long to fix their hair in different ways, especially in those fast paced mornings before school. I, for one, am one of these people. Plus, i’m not very good at doing my hair. I found some easy hair styles that you can try  that will bring a little variety into your life.

#1 Clip your bangs to the side and crimp your hair. It’s simple and cute. It’s even easier if your hair is already wavey. This hair style gives you a girly and goddess-like look and makes you feel cozy in the winter with all your layers on. (at least I feel cozy)

Ballerina Bun

#2 Try a Ballerina Bun! I think they are adorable. They look so sweet and lady-like. You can wear it with anything from a dress to a baggy sweatshirt. Try adding a braid around the base of the bun for added interest.

#3 Artificial waves. If you don’t have time to crimp your hair or you don’t own a crimper, try this trick. Twist your hair and run your flat iron over the twist a few  times and then let go. Now you have little waves in just a few minutes. They aren’t going to be lushes like the picture above, but there will be a little somethin’.

Pinned Image#4 The Braided Headband. I personally love this look. It’s simple, looks like you’re wearing a headband, and it’s braids. You can’t go wrong with braids in my opinion. All you have to do is braid a section of your hair on each side of your head and then lay them across your head, securing them with bobbie pins.

#5 The Fishtail. I like the fishtail braid, because it gives you that relaxed, carefree look that still looks beautiful. Fishtails remind me of a girl riding her horse with no worries on her mind. Maybe if you wear a fishtail, you might feel a little less stressed. (probably not but it’s a theory) I think they look best worn loose with a plaid shirt or a scoop neck.


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