Yum: The results

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was going to bake these cookies this weekend. I stayed true to my word, so shut up and pay attention to my review. ūüėČ WARNING: This review is purely based off of this one time that I made these cookies.

I like to bake and making these cookies was like any other baking experience I’ve had. I followed the recipe, tasted the batter, and stuck it in the oven. The batter was pretty darn delicious so I had a good feeling these cookies were going to be great. Well, little did I know that my expectations would not be met. First of all, the cookies tasted dry. I don’t know about you but I don’t like my cookies dry, I like them soft and moist. Besides being dry, the cookies were very cumbley. Every time¬†I bit into the cookie, crumbs would shower down onto my napkin and embarrassing enough, down my shirt. Crumbs don’t really have anything ¬†to do with the taste, but it’s just annoying. On the contrary, I did like the¬†peanut butter filling. I mean, it’s peanut butter¬†and sugar, nothing could really go wrong there.¬†My advice about the crumb situation is to¬†keep the cookies in the refrigerator. This seemed to reduce the amount of crumbs a little bit.¬† I also suggest adding more sugar to the cookies to make them more sweet. (I like sweet things so this might not be something you are interested in, but you should probably do it) As of now, I can say that these cookies aren’t anything special¬†and that I will most likely never make them again. Maybe I didn’t follow the recipe the right way or maybe I just suck at baking, who knows? (I’m really pretty that the latter statement is untrue) This disappointing experiance has not lessened my interest in baking other things from the website in which I found the recipe for these cookies. Bake or Break ¬†has many other recipes that I would love to try (and hopefully have more success with) in the future. Stay tuned for more of my baking adventures and reviews.


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