I freakin’ love sweaters! Sweaters are amazing. They keep you warm in the winter and the wonderfully chilly weather of fall. I personally can’t wait for fall to roll around, which by the feel of things today seems like it has arrived.  Fall and sweaters go together like peanut butter and jelly. I just can’t wait to start wearing my sweaters again! They come in many different styles and patterns to meet your sweater needs. There are also different types of sweaters: pullover, cartigan, turtleneck. You can wear sweaters all by themselves, or you can layer them, wear them with pants or a skirt or a dress. You can even wear a sweater dress! This season’s must have sweaters include a peter pan neck or are open weaved or cropped. Another common occurance this season are sweaters worn under denim jackets and paired with a skirt. I like to wear a sweater with three-quarter length sleeves and a pair of skinny jeans.  Really, there’s no wrong way to wear a sweater. They look great worn many different ways and just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, at least that’s how I feel when I wear one. I have to warn you though, if you leave your sweaters laying around, a cat will always find it and nap in it. So unless you want a hair covered sweater, and hey, maybe you like that sort of thing, I suggest you put them in a safe place when they are not being used.  You might not feel so strongly about sweaters as I do, but maybe my friend Spongebob will help you get in the mood for sweaters. I think he puts it well in this song.  Here it is!


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