I want to wear what I want

Every night before I go to bed, I lay out my clothes for the next day to save time in the morning and so I can make sure everything is ironed and what not. I pick whatever I feel like wearing out of my closet and that’s what will be worn. Well, it turns out that I’m pretty lucky to be able to do this, because some schools across the U.S. and the rest of the world are trying to make students wear uniforms. Yuck!

I don’t want to wear a uniform all day, yet alone ever. There are just plain U. G. L. Y. Peolpe think that bullying in schools will be reduced because of uniforms. They think that kids who can’t afford the lastest fashions won’t get bullied for the way they dress and that the rich kids won’t show off their fancy clothes to the less fortunate. I think they’re wrong. The rich kids are still going to find ways to “show off” by wearing expensive jewelry and things like that. Also, if a kid is being made fun of for not having money, uniforms aren’t going to make that stop. Bullies can find other things to make their victims suffer if they really have to. Bullies bully and that’s final. Also, if kids are feeling pressured to buy expensive clothing, they can always go to secondhand shops or buy knockoff brands that look similar to the designer brands.

Uniforms conflict with the religious dress of some cultures. Debatepedia.com mentions that Muslim girls can still wear their head scarves, but wear loose trousers instead of skirts or dresses that are worn by other female students. I think having uniforms in this case would make Muslim girls feel out of place as they would be the only girls wearing pants and shirts. This could actually lead to bullying, because other students could she these girls as outkasts and make fun of them for what they believe in. In a school without uniforms, most girls wear pants most of the time. This wouldn’t make Muslim girls feel like they are out of place.

I believe that schools should just have dress codes, not uniforms. Dress codes can eliminate inappropriate clothing, while still allowing students to virtually wear whatever they want. Uniforms aren’t going to get rid of bullying or cliques. Those things will never go away. Allowing kids to express themselves through clothing is important to me. I think it lets kids show their personality and feelings. For me, wearing that new sweater that I love or even that old sweater makes me feel happy. Plus, I’m a clothes kind of girl. I love clothes and fashion is a big part of my life.


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