A Recomendation

Three words. Nike Max Air. I got a pair of these sneakers and I just love them. I think they look kick butt on my feet and they are pretty darn comfortable too. They come in many different colors, so it’s almost impossible to find a color combination that you won’t like. I also like how the bottom of the shoes are filled with air, hence the name Max Air. It’s kinda fun to poke them. lol ūüôā

Get the Homecoming Experience

So Saturday was Homecoming and I was pretty darn excited. I went to the dance the last two times and had so much fun, so this time I was expecting the same. I went with my three friends. We had lots of other friends who were going stag so we were looking forward to dancing with them. Before the dance, my frineds and I got ready together. We painted each others nails and helped with hair. We made sure that we all looked good, and we did, if I say so myself. I think we were all happy since none othe rhad a strappless dress this year. Thank god, because those things are just annoying. When we were finally ready, we walked up the stairs to show our parents just how lovely we looked. They took pictures and pretty soon we were almost late for our reservation! We hoppped in my car and I drove us downtown to the White Star to eat dinner before the dance. There isn’t a parkin glot at the restaurant, so we had to find a parkin gspot on the street. Let me tell you. It was very difficult to find one with all the one way streets and no parking zones. It was very confusing and I’ll admit, i almost went down a street the wrong way. It was scary. We finally found a spot that was just around the corner from the restaurant. One of my friends and I started walking to the restaurant, when one of our other friends said, “Hey. Flats. Slow down.” We were wearing flats and the other two were wearing heels. They were having difficulties and it made us two with the flats laugh. They tried to walk faster, but ended up doing this¬†long-strided-jog-walk. It was so funny looking.¬†We¬†made it to the White Star and sat right down since we had a reservation. We took tim eto look at the menus and when the waitress came back with our drinks, we ordered. Two of us got chicken¬†and the other two got pasta. I had the chicken. It was quite large. We came to the conclusion that the chicken must have been the¬†Big Foot of the chicken world. It came with peanut sauce and a spicy asian sauce. I liked both, but the spicy¬†sauce was the best. When we were finished eatting, we stopped by the bathroom and then went on our way back to the car and off to the dance. When we walked in the doors to of the school, people were mad, because they were told to leave. No one seemed happy.¬†I was thinking, “Great, I just got here and no one will be dancing.” Well the problem was soon fixed and people started to dance again. There was a bit of any awkward moment when I saw a girl with the same dress as me, but I think it was more awkward for her. She walked out of the bathroom and saw me standing there.¬†My friends told me¬†she had a surprised look on her face when she saw me. It was kind of funny. My friends and I got a group photo and proceeded to the dance floor. We found all of our of friends and joined the party. It was crowded and we didn’t have very much room, but we didn’t want to move to the outside. Our teachers would see us and that is just an awkward situation. We weren’t really doing anything “bad” but it’s still awkward if your teacher sees you. We left the dance at about 10:30 because there weren’t very many people there anymore and we were bored. We went to one of our houses and had a sleepover.

My overall review of the dance was….Meh. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. I feel like some of the music was weird and the participation in the dance was kind of weak. Some people weren’t really dancing and when no one around you is dancing, it ruins your mood to dance. It’s kind of like when someone says something gross and you lose your appetite. The thing that surprised me the most was the participation in the Cha Cha Slide. Normally everyone is doing it, but not this year. The dance might have been better if I had gone with a date, but I’m not so sure. The atmosphere was just off. After this experience, I’m not sure if¬†I want to go next year. It’ll be my last one, so we’ll see.

The Perfect Chip Dip for Football Season

I got this recipe from a good friend of mine. I had it at her house and just had to share it with my family. Now I’m going to share it with you! Spead 2 blocks of creamcheese in the bottom of a 9×13 pan. Next, spread any kind of salsa you like over top of the cream cheese. Spinkle lots of shredded cheese over top of that and bake it in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. This dip tastes decilious and gets you in the mood to sit down and cheer on your favorite football team, which of course¬†are the Hawkeyes. ūüėČ

What’s Trending?

So, what’s trending this season? I believe it would be called 6os or 70s inspired fashion. (I’m not to sure which decade. Maybe it’s both!) I’m just going to call it Lana del Rey style.¬†It’s probably not what you are thinking. This trend does not include bellbottoms or paisley. What it does include are monotoned garments in white, maroon,¬†pig pink, coral, and¬†pale blue. There are lots of skinny jeans and mini go-go like boots. I personally think the mini boot look is cute.¬†They can give off a hard look or¬†a softer sweeter look, depending on what you wear with them. Another component to this look are thicker heeled heels. They are lower to the ground than the ever popular stiletto. You are¬†going to see shirts¬†that hug the body until about the waist where they float out reminicent of a skirt.¬†Sweaters are quite prominant in this style. They are your average¬†simple, one colored sweaters that come in many different weaves. Large jewels and beads are in the jewelry, and leather belts and gloves¬†complete this style. You might be wondering why I referred to this style as the Lana del Rey style. Well, she has a collection at H&M that includes these¬†types of clothing. Here are a few items from the collection.


The day of new experiences

At school, students in the orchestra can sign up to work in the concession stands at Kinnick Stadium. Each worker gets a portion of the profits to go into their student accounts. This money can then be used for school related things such as, trips and orchestra lessons. I worked at my first concession stand yesterday. Let me tell you. I was not happy about getting up and 5:00 am to meet up at the school at 6:15 am. When my dad and I arrived at the school parking lot, we were short 7 people.¬†We needed 15, but only had 8.¬†Apparently this situation was not good. We managed to get one more person to show up making a crew of 9 people. This was good news and eased some peoples’ nerves. My dad and I waited for the ninth person to show up. Once¬†they got there,¬†we were finally able to leave. When we got to our concession stand, we had put out all the food and utensils needed to get through the day. We also had to wear a white polo, black apron, and black hat. It was so cold in the stand that I had to keep my sweatshirt on. Well, I still had to wear the white shirt, so I had to wear the shirt over my sweatshirt. It was a major fashion no no, but I had to make the sacrifice. We opened our stand at 9:30 am, but on one really started coming until about 10:00. While we were waiting for customers to come, I got to see some of the Hawkeye football players walk into the stadium dressed in there shirts and ties. It was really cool.¬†I wanted to jump over the counter and shake all of their hands. I even saw Vandenburg. IN REAL LIFE! When people started coming to our stand, they just wanted coffee and hot coco since it was quite chilly out. I got the hang of preparing the drinks pretty quickly and was staying ahead of the game. Then, people started coming. And coming. And they kept coming until the 4th quarter started. I was an¬†order preparer. Whatever the cashiers told me to prepare, I prepared it as quickly and nicely as I could. I made waking tacos, soft tacos, and monster nachos. I got people coffee and hot coco. I filled buckets of popcorn. I was all over the place. When the 4th quarter finally rolled around, I was relieved. I made myself a walking taco and went out to watch the game. I love going to hawkeye games. I’ve only ever been to one, but it was so much fun. I mean, the atmosphere in that stadium is great. Seeing all that black and gold just makes me smile. I watched most of the 4th quarter standing with my back against one of the walls in the stadium. I probably should have returned to the concession stand before the game ended, but I just couldn’t pull my eyes fromthe field. Plus, I had no desire to go back to the stand and clean up. I was tired of working. I had been working for about 8 hours.¬†I cheered with the croud and participated in the stadium wide wave. That was really an awesome sight. When the game ended, I returned to the stand and helped everyone finish cleaning. When that was all done, I could finally call it a day and go back to my house to relax the rest of the day. I hadn’t ever done¬†anything like working in the concession stand. I added a new experience under my belt. It’s just one more thing I can say I’ve done.

Mix it up.

I’m sure a lot of people stick to one hair style most of the time. They have one style that they sport most days of the week.¬†I¬†feel people think that it takes too long to fix their hair in different ways, especially in those¬†fast paced mornings before school. I, for one, am one of these people. Plus, i’m not very good at doing my hair. I found some easy hair styles that you can try¬† that¬†will bring a little variety into your life.

#1 Clip your bangs to the side and crimp your hair. It’s simple and cute. It’s even easier if your hair is already wavey. This hair style gives you a girly and goddess-like look and makes you feel cozy in the winter with all your layers on. (at least I feel cozy)

Ballerina Bun

#2 Try a Ballerina Bun! I think they are adorable. They look so sweet and lady-like. You can wear it with anything from a dress to a baggy sweatshirt. Try adding a braid around the base of the bun for added interest.

#3 Artificial waves. If you don’t have time to crimp your hair or you don’t own a crimper,¬†try this trick. Twist your hair and run your flat iron over the twist a few¬† times and then let go. Now you have little¬†waves in just a few minutes. They aren’t going to be lushes like the picture above, but there will be a little somethin’.

Pinned Image#4 The Braided Headband. I personally love this look. It’s simple, looks like you’re wearing a headband, and it’s braids. You can’t go wrong with braids in my opinion. All you have to do is braid a section of your hair on each side of your head and then lay them across your head, securing them with bobbie pins.

#5 The Fishtail. I like the fishtail braid, because it gives you that relaxed, carefree look that still looks beautiful. Fishtails remind me of a girl riding her horse with no worries on her mind. Maybe if you wear a fishtail, you might feel a little less stressed. (probably not but it’s a theory) I think they look best worn loose with a plaid shirt or a scoop neck.

Homecoming Advice

It’s homecoming season and¬†people are scrambling to¬†find their dates and pick out their homecoming attire. I’m here to tell you that getting¬†all dolled¬†up is fun, but please have some class.¬†Ladies, please do not wear super short dresses. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s just keep¬†everything covered in a tasteful way and look¬†like decent human beings. Couples, please make sure you match each other. I don’t want to see people not matching, it just doesn’t look good. On the other hand, don’t be all matchy matchy, because that doesn’t look good either. I suggest, from my personal experience, that girls wear flats. Sure, heels look great, but they are just not comfortable for dancing in. I know what you’re thinking too, “I can just take them off.” Well, yeah, but the floor is nasty. It gets dirty and slippery because of condensation. (and probably sweat….eww)¬†I’m sorry, but that is something that I do not want to step in. Also, I suggest wearing a dress with straps.¬†Don’t get me wrong, I¬†think strapless dresses are cute, but they are just a pain in the¬†butt when you’re dancing.¬†You’re constantly tugging on them and by the end of the night you want to kill your dress.¬†I also suggest trying to buy a dress that has a loose bottom. What I mean by that is, the bottom of the dress isn’t form fitting. I’ve gotten dresses that were form fitting and¬†they were¬†a little difficult to dance in. It stinks when you can’t bust your moves on the dance floor.

Yum: The results

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was going to bake these cookies this weekend. I stayed true to my word, so shut up and pay attention to my review. ūüėČ WARNING: This review is purely based off of this one time that I made these cookies.

I like to bake and making these cookies was like any other baking experience I’ve had. I followed the recipe, tasted the batter, and stuck it in the oven. The batter was pretty darn delicious so I had a good feeling these cookies were going to be great. Well, little did I know that my expectations would not be met. First of all, the cookies tasted dry. I don’t know about you but I don’t like my cookies dry, I like them soft and moist. Besides being dry, the cookies were very cumbley. Every time¬†I bit into the cookie, crumbs would shower down onto my napkin and embarrassing enough, down my shirt. Crumbs don’t really have anything ¬†to do with the taste, but it’s just annoying. On the contrary, I did like the¬†peanut butter filling. I mean, it’s peanut butter¬†and sugar, nothing could really go wrong there.¬†My advice about the crumb situation is to¬†keep the cookies in the refrigerator. This seemed to reduce the amount of crumbs a little bit.¬† I also suggest adding more sugar to the cookies to make them more sweet. (I like sweet things so this might not be something you are interested in, but you should probably do it) As of now, I can say that these cookies aren’t anything special¬†and that I will most likely never make them again. Maybe I didn’t follow the recipe the right way or maybe I just suck at baking, who knows? (I’m really pretty that the latter statement is untrue) This disappointing experiance has not lessened my interest in baking other things from the website in which I found the recipe for these cookies. Bake or Break ¬†has many other recipes that I would love to try (and hopefully have more success with) in the future. Stay tuned for more of my baking adventures and reviews.

Get comfortable in your own skin

“Oh!¬†What¬†can I do to have radiant skin?” I’m sure most of us have thought this at one point or another in our lives because of that dreaded acne. There¬†are some¬†things that can be done to improve your situation. Change your pillow case often. When you are sleeping the oils and bacteria¬†from your face get on your pillow. Then the next night you put your face back on the pillow and that¬†oil and bacteria can get right¬†back on your face.¬†This method applies to people who have acne on their backs. Change your sheets and pajamas often to help prevent acne from appearing.¬†When washing your face, use a “disposable face washer”, something that already has soup in it and¬†you throw away after one use. You can use wash cloths too, but make sure¬†you use clean ones every time you wash your face. It’s still better to use a disposable cloth because they don’t have laundry detergent residue and have little to no bacteria. Keep your make-up tools and such clean, thay means your tweezers, and your make-up brushes and sponges. Clean them often and use diposable products whenever you can. Keep your hair out of your face to prevent oils and hair products from getting on your face. Avoid touching your face as much as you can to keep oils from your hands off of your face. Also, if you sleep with your hands next to your face, wear cotton gloves while you sleep. The way you eat can effect your skin. Stay away from greasy and processed foods as much as possible. (this should be taken into consideration even if you do not have acne) Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink LOTS of water to keep your skin hydrated. I’m sure you already know this, but in case you have been living under a rock your whole life, there are acne treatments that you can use. My advice to you about ance treatments is to follow the directions. If it tells you to use it twice a day, use it twice a day. If it tells you to use it after washing your face, use it after washing your face. It’s that simple. So, for all those people out there with acne, here’s to you. Go and get that radiant skin!!

The new member of the family

Denim. Denim. And. More. Denim. It’s everywhere. I personally love the denim trend. I went out and bought myself a denim jacket and I love it. It’s cute,¬†gives interest to your outfit by adding an extra layer, and it goes with so many things! Wear a denim jacket with a dress, skirt, shorts, pants, and even jeans. Denim jackets come in all colors too, not just your standard blue denim. If jackets aren’t your thing, try a denim shirt.¬†They are just as versital as denim jackets, they are just lighter. A word of advice: get something denim. Adding this new member to your wardrobe can help you spice up outfits and give you a fresh new look.